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Epha Maina


Epha Maina


Say no to domestic violence

"I have written it in kiswahili with a few lines in English. Kiswahili is our national language. l have used several African proverbs which do not come out strongly in English but l hope you will enjoy the translation all the same. Domestic Violence is prevalent in Africa and especially Kenya, it has resulted in deaths,broken homes and physical impairment. As a result, l have composed this song in a move to curb it. The family is the basic unit in the society and l believe that if peace, dialogue and tolerance are preached from within the family it will trickle down to the society and our world at large.

THE THEMES: Please remember unresolved anger births disaster. 1. Dialogue brings understanding, in a bull fight the grass suffers Unresolved anger births disaster, war is not the solution. Why are we fighting, if i err please forgive me. When my tempers rise unnecessary forgive me because we cannot fight fire with fire. CHORUS. Husband stop fighting your wife, wife stop fighting your husband Husband stop scolding your wife, wife stop scolding your husband. 2.Wife if there is a misunderstanding, solve it with dialogue Rumours from neighbours have broken many homes. Husband do not allow alcohol to ruin your marriage In your earlier marriage life you were as sweet as honey,why change now to poison. CHORUS. 3.Let us join hands old and young and flush out home quarrels. Let us make peace no war, say no to Domestic violence. Let us say no to Domestic violence which results from misunderstanding. lt is immoral and wrong to take the law into our own hands. Chorus. Beats gradually fading.

Epha Maina

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Epha Maina is aged 30. The professional musician heads a band called Orchestre Ndumo, which plays all kinds of music ranging from pop, rock, and jazz, to traditional folklore etc.

One of his songs has won a trophy for being the best in the cultural category. Altogether, he has produced nine albums.

As a director in the Kenyan music copyright body, he has committed himself greatly to help improve the situation of Kenyan musicians with regard to copyright issues in their country.


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Epha Maina is married to a French teacher and has a 2-year-old son called Eugene. His hobbies are travelling, photography and swimming.

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