Songs of Love Peace & Tolerance WOMEX 2002


Derek Fields



This rub a dub is of a holy meditation ...
agape love up to build up the nation
dance with you brother in a grand celebration -
no separation soul salvation,.

Mighty Rock Mighty rock Mighty rock Mighty rock ... Cho.
you got ta be a Mighty rock in a blazing desert
a Mighty rock
you gotta be a Mighty rock in a blazing desert
a Mighty rock
Gotta be a mighty rock in blazing desert a Mighty rock -
you got to be a Mighty rock in a blazing desert

Me want to tell them dont raise up your hand
just to kill and to murder
you can't hurt your brother and a get much afurther
humble up your spirit make a praise to the father
love one another is the only answer

So when the winds of cange come blowing
stand and hold your brother tight.
for when the world is lame and moaning
you know that weve got to be a light,
shing bright, past mid-night
into the light shining bright

It's been a long long time you're like a boat on de water.
you rocking and you tackin but you cant get no further.
humble up your spirit make a praise to the Father.
Love one-another is the only answer ...
to your question people
to your query to your worry
whoy yo whoy yo whoy yo.
no more killing no more murder
whoy yo whoy yo whoy yo...


repeat V1

Come mother father sister brother
wont you stand and fight
were gonna fight them all down...
stand and fight were gonna fight them all down down down. stand and fight
the downpressor them got to fall
stand and fight
we're gonna fight them
just like a Mighty rock
in a blazing desert ....

Derek Fields

poster by Derek Fields



Derek Fields was born Jan. 29th 1960 to Stephen and Diana Fields on the island of Barbados. His father was a founding member and guitarist of the internationally famous MERRYMEN.

From the age of five Derek knew he wanted to create and play music for the rest of his life. Derek taught himself the guitar and piano out of a passionate love for music. He was awarded first prize in a national TV talent contest at age ten and as a teenager played for pantomimes, local parties and weddings.

By age twenty, he had formed his own pop-group playing many styles of music at home and abroad. He later became lead vocalist with Ivory, the island's most popular band during the 1980's, which recorded with PAUL MC CARTNEY on one of his visits to Barbados.

He was later asked to compose the theme song for the bicentennial celebrations of the Ursulines International, a Catholic religious Order. He has been awarded a gold medal at the island's National Independence Festival for the Creative Arts (NIFCA).

He chiefly performs the music of his heart at home and in other islands of the Caribbean, but his musical talent has placed Barbados on the global stage. He performed some of his original works on nation-wide Canadian television. Derek is deeply honoured to be one of the winning composers in the Song For Peace Competition.

Derek, a devout Roman Catholic, is a prolific song-writer and composer. His love for God has led him to create music that would inspire love and goodness in the hearts of others. Derek currently works on the island with his group TWO GUITARS, and is co-owner, writer and producer with CRS Digital Recording Studio. He is the founder of Angel Music, a Catholic recording label. He will soon release his first solo album Child of God (Angel Music Label).


*** I Wanna Stay Young, Ivory, Tusk Label, 1981
*** Children of the Light/Mighty Rock, Diamond Label, 1984
*** Angela,Theme Song for Ursuline International Bicentennial Celebrations
*** Caribbean Unplugged, Two Guitars, CRS Music, 1999
*** Song of the Angels, Colours of Christmas Album, RHP Music
*** Movement of Love Album, Independent Label, 2002
*** Co-Producer, Caribbean Christmas (Vol 2), CRS Music, 2000
*** Upcoming CD Angel Music Presents: Derek Fields, Child of God, Angel Music 2002

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