best new songs of LOVE, PEACE & TOLERANCE by songwriters from all over the world

best new songs of peace, love & tolerance by international songwriters / musicians / composers - winners of song contest A Song For Peace                Composers for Peace WOMEX 2002

songs of
love, peace &
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Songs and Authors

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   Eric de Sena, USA: Let's fly away
   René Simon: Ven, vamos a caminar
   Carmel Fenech, Malta: Don't change the World
   Vince Pace; Australia: Take me as I am
   Ephamaina: Say no to domestic violence
   A Katsantonis, Cyprus: Waiting For You (se perimeno)
   Luis Biojo, Columbia: Mi fiel amigo (salsa romantica)
   Dirk u Gertrud Schmalenbach, Germany: Hoffnung *
   Jules Riding, New Zealand: The Blessing
   Santiago Retti, Chile: Hijos del mismo sol
   Gian Marco Gualandi, Italy: Ninna nanna
   Jean Mastaki Bafa, RD Congo: Juu ya nini?
   Dario Schepisi, Italy: Vi benedico
   Jon Lukas, GB: Love we share (version III) **
   Pino Ranieri/Gigi Giordano: Uomini nuovi
   Peter Wu Tung Ming, Hongkong: Heaven knows
   Derek Fields, Barbados:Mighty Rock
   Juergen M Schroeder: Amerika (The American Dream)

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18 of the winners of the International Contest A SONG FOR PEACE, which was launched in 1998 by SMT srl Rome in 124 countries under the auspices of the UN, UNESCO etc, compiled a DEMO cd with additional songs, which was presented at the WORLD MUSIC EXPO in Essen 24-27 October 2002.

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18 authors from all over the world have responded to the theme(s) staked out for this project, each in his own way, each against his own cultural, ideological, philosophical etc. background, thus providing a great variety of styles and attitudes. It has filled me with great personal joy to feel that - within the limitations of this project - we have found the UNIDAD EN LA DIVERSIDAD (Simon Retti), unity in diversity, which has been essential for this project.

jm schroeder, Duelmen *, Germany, October 2002

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Initiative and Sponsors

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